My Story

Hailing from New Bedford, Massachusetts, also famously known as the Whaling City, I am a former division 1 high school and college track and field athlete who fell in love with the game of golf, at the ripe old age of twenty-two. You see, growing up, I played many different sports with basketball and baseball being my main focus. Like most kids, I had aspirations of playing college ball at Duke University and then being drafted into the NBA. 

However, once I entered high school, I gradually realized that my dream of playing in the NBA was just that - a dream. So, I dropped the basketball, took my last swing at the plate, threw on a pair of sprint spikes, and joined the track and field team at New Bedford High School. 

During my four years on the New Bedford High track team, I made a lot of life-long friends, had some amazing experiences that some of my classmates still talk about to this day, and won a few track and field state championships along the way! Fortunately, with the success I had, I was offered the opportunity to continue my track career at Ball State University located in Muncie, Indiana. 

In my junior year of college, I was introduced to the game of golf when a group of friends took me out to the local course. My immediate thought was I’d be able to master this game as quickly as I did with other sports. Unfortunately, such was not the case. To my surprise, I was terrible at golf, which didn’t really make a whole lot of sense. Golf is a game of patience and finesse. It didn’t matter how tall I was, how strong I am or how fast I could run, golf was just different. 

Unwilling to give up and accept defeat, I became obsessed with golf, fixated on my determination to not suck anymore.  Now, seventeen years later, I can proudly say, I don’t suck as much… at least not most of the time. More importantly, my obsession with learning the sport has driven me to the point where I simply want to share my love of the game with those who are less fortunate. My mission is to change the general perception of golf from being seen by many as an expensive and exclusive social game, to it can be accessible to anyone regardless of their social position or economic circumstances.

Unlike most other major sports, golf has yet to catch up to minority representation. In fact, it's abysmally low. My hope is to change that. I want to use my platform and enthusiasm for the game of golf to show the underprivileged youth that golf is a fun, accessible sport and they belong on the golf course just as much as anyone else. 

To realize my dream, in 2021 I created “The Boston Golfer.” Through social media, various publications on the game of golf, my involvement with “First Tee Massachusetts,” my desire is to demonstrate that while golf may be a challenging sport, it is an extremely fun game that teaches life-long lessons off the course as well. 

Thank you everyone who is sticking around for this wild ride we are on. With your help and support we are bringing the game that we all love to the forefront. Let’s all help to grow the sport of golf through opportunity and diversity. Remember, golf is fun; golf is for everyone; golf is a VIBE!